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Casa Del Oro Adobe – The Boston Store

A two-story adobe and chalkrock was built by Thomas O. Larkin for business in the 1840s. It was sold to Jose Abrego, who leased it to Joseph Boston and Company in the 1850s for a general merchandise store. One of Boston’s partners was the deputy tax collector, and the store became the depository for county taxes. The first iron safe in Monterey was owned by the partners, and in recent years has been returned to its original location. Map.

The adobe came to be known as Casa del Oro (The House of Gold) due to reports that miners stored their gold there.

The building, later sold to David Jacks by Abrego, was a storehouse and a private home. It was given to the State of California by the Jacks sisters. Today, the Boston Store houses a shop featuring antiques, ribbons, linens, crockery, preserves, soaps, potpourri, tea and herbs representative of items in use in early California. There is a lovely herb garden.

It is a unit of Monterey State Historic Park and is staffed by docents of Monterey History and Art Association.

Location: Scott and Olivier streets