Albert & Pearl Jensen Museum & Research Center

The Monterey County Historical Society is in the process of building a 12,400 square foot agricultural museum and research center. Construction is ongoing as we continue to develop our 5-acre parcel at the Boronda History Center. The foundation of this structure was laid in June 1993 and has been constructed over the years as the historical society community fundraises for this endeavor. The structure presently serves as collection storage including two temperature and humidity controlled archival vaults, an archeological repository and our beautiful Gumper-Castro Victorian library.

Who Was Albert Jensen?

A man with great integrity, noted for his honesty and being a man of his word. A private person who never boasted, told little of himself and his life and the deeds he did. His time was a time when a handshake sealed a deal long before signage. There was never a question when Albert extended his hand and a contract was sealed. He began farming and buying land in the 1940s, becoming one of the major players in agriculture. He passed away April, 9, 1999. His home ranch was on Esperanza Road.

For information on the scholarship we administer in his name click here.