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Become A Member of the Historical Society

The Monterey County Historical Society offers many different types and levels of membership, which entitles you to the full benefits of the Society’s services along with a quarterly publication filled with news of the Society and in-depth essays written about Monterey County history.

Most importantly, your membership will enable the Society to continue an active program of providing opportunities for all people to learn local history as we collect and preserve materials of cultural value; maintain the Robert B. Johnston Archival Vault; the Boronda Adobe; Lagunita Schoolhouse; the Filipino Labor Camp Bunkhouse; the Bataan Monument and continued efforts to develop the Boronda History Center. This center is a gift of historical authenticity for all people to learn from and share.

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Museum Founder’s Club

To better serve the public, the Society is in the process of building an agricultural museum and research center dedicated to the pioneer agricultural families of the Salinas Valley.  Our goal is to build a facility with about 12,400 square feet of space on the first floor, and an additional 6,000 square feet of open storage and offices on the second floor.

Our efforts center on finding the first 100 individuals, groups, or compa­nies who will each contribute $2,500 or more for membership in the Founders Club.  The names of the 100 Founders Club members are being placed on a gorgeous 6 by 3 foot plaque, which will be prominently displayed in the new museum.

You can help our museum effort in one of several ways.

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Volunteer Opportunites

The Monterey County Historical Society offers a variety of programs for those who wish to impart their talents to the on-going endeavor of the Society to collect and preserve the history of the county and provide a quality atmosphere for all people to learn by and enjoy.

The Society offers hands-on training for archival receiving and processing of historic documents and artifacts; cataloging and data input; photograph processing; and finally but not least assistance in research for the many patrons who use the materials in the archival vault.

We are seeking individuals to train for tours of the Boronda Adobe from 1–4 p.m. on Saturday of each month, and to assist in large tours during the week. The training will include the history of the Adobe, the Lagunita Schoolhouse, the William H. Weeks House, The Filipino Labor Camp bunkhouse, the Bataan Monument and our plans for the future development of the History Center.

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