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Help preserve Monterey County’s past by supporting the future
of the Monterey County Historical Society.

The Monterey County Historical Society offers many different types and levels of membership, which entitles you to the full benefits of the Society’s services along with a quarterly publication filled with news of the Society and in-depth essays written about Monterey County history.

Most importantly, your membership will enable the Society to continue an active program of providing opportunities for all people to learn local history as we collect and preserve materials of cultural value; maintain the Robert B. Johnston Archival Vault; the Boronda Adobe; Lagunita Schoolhouse; the Filipino Labor Camp Bunkhouse; the Bataan Monument and continued efforts to develop the Boronda History Center. This center is a gift of historical authenticity for all people to learn from and share.

Please take this opportunity to help preserve the future of the Monterey County Historical Society. Enjoy a full year of Membership Benefits, including:

• Free subscription to the Society‘s quarterly publication
• Invitations to exclusive members-only events
• Free archival research assistance
• Historic photograph reproduction at cost for personal use only

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