Gumper-Castro Library

Introductory text: The Gumper-Castro Archival Library will be a long-awaited research facility housing numerous local collections of books and documents, and will be built as an authentic reproduction of an 1880s Eastlake style room. The historical society will be repurposing the original walnut woodwork rescued from the Jesse D. Carr house which was demolished in
1964. Missing woodwork has been manufactured and matching walnut bookcases have been built by John Laughton. The library will include two salvaged stained glass windows, one of which, is from The Grand Saloon once located at 216 Main Street in Salinas. The Historical Society will also be utilizing period pieces such as an 1885 William Shakespeare newel post lamp and a ceiling chandelier from the same era. The ceiling medallion was chosen as a nod to the importance of agriculture in the Salinas Valley and hand painted to match the wallcoverings. The wallpapers are authentic 1880 reproductions custom printed by the esteemed Bradbury and Bradbury Company of Benicia. Hardwood floors have been donated by Tad Hughes in honor of David Vera, a longtime friend and member of the Monterey County Historical Society.