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Cannery Row: The History of John Steinbeck’s Old Ocean View Avenue

by Michael Kenneth Hemp The History Company, 2002. Softcover, 128 pages. Featuring photography from the Pat Hathaway Historical Photo Collection

The Esselen Indians of the Big Sur Country The Land and the People

by Gary S. Breschini and Trudy Haversat Coyote Press, 2004. Contents: Acknowledgments Preface Background Organization In-Text References Archaeological Site Numbers Mission Record Numbers Introduction The Esselen in Past Literature Esselen Deer Dancing Song The Land Territory and Geographic Setting The Mountains The Coast Past Climates and Environmental Change Changes in Flora and Fauna The Use […]

A Native Son’s History of the Central Coast

by Burton Anderson Monterey County Historical Society, 2010. Contents: About the author Preface Dedication The Natural Landscape and Flora of the Central Coast A Historical Glimpse of Several Mammals and the Condor The Presidio of Monterey Cattle Brands and Branding in California, 1769-2000 Land Grant Ranchos in the Salinas Valley, 1793-1846 Stage Coach Lines on […]

10,000 Years on the Salinas Plain: An Illustrated History of Salinas City, California

by Gary S. Breschini, Trudy Haversat & Mona Gudgel Heritage Media Corp., March 2000. Sponsored by the Monterey County Historical Society. Introduction, by Assemblyman Peter C. Frusetta Prologue We will never know who first set foot on the Salinas Plain, but when the first Spanish explorers arrived in the winter of 1769, pushing northward with […]

The Salinas Valley: A History of America’s Salad Bowl

by Burton Anderson Monterey County Historical Society, 2000. Contents: Dedication Introduction Aboriginal Population and Wildlife of the Central Coast Beginnings of Salinas Valley Agriculture 1770-1848 Rancho La Natividad Salinas Valley Agriculture 1849-1900 Cattle and Cowboys on the Central Coast Towns That Have Disappeared on the Central Coast Desperadoes, Bandits and Thieves of the Central Coast […]