Casa Alvarado Adobe and Garden

The adobe was built by Don Juan Bautista Alvarado, first Monterey-born Governor of California. A direct descendent of Captain Cortez, he was the son of Don Jose Francisco Alvarado and Josefa Vallejo.

Originally a three-room structure with a tule roof, the adobe illustrates several characteristics of design customary of that period (1830s). Dwellings faced the east so occupants could take full advantage of the morning sun and the front of the house. Each room opened directly to the out-of-doors. Walls were 24 inches thick, of adobe bricks laid up with adobe mud mortar and supported on a heavy chalkrock foundation. Manuel Dutra purchased the adobe in 1842. It remained in the family until sold in 1946. Casa Alvarado is now a unit of Monterey State Historic Park.

Location: 510 Dutra Street

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