About Monterey County Historical Society

Founded in 1933, and incorporated in 1955, the Monterey County Historical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the ongoing preservation of our own past. The Society is responsible for a massive collection of family, city and county archival materials. These rare and valuable documents are housed in our temperature and humidity controlled archival vault. Scholars, authors, students, attorneys and the public are using these historical documents for research purposes at an ever-increating rate.

To better serve the public, the Society is in the process of building an agricultural museum and research center that will make a significant contribution to our county in the field of education of our youth and outreach to the public. The primary emphasis of this facility will be on the cultures and the people who made this area what it is today.

We are custodians of the County’s history, but we receive no funding from Monterey County to help us pursue our mission and goals. Please consider becoming a member of the Historical Society and help support the preservation of local history.