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The Esselen Indians of the Big Sur Country The Land and the People

by Gary S. Breschini and Trudy Haversat
Coyote Press, 2004.

HARDBOUND 232 Pages   11 ¼”(h) x 8 ¼”(w)

Among California Indian groups, the Esselen were one of the least numerous and remain one of the least known. They are often cited as the first California group to become culturally extinct. In spite of many years of work by researchers, the Esselen still remain one of the least known groups in California. Many aspects of Esselen culture have been lost, yet from what we do know they were one of the most fascinating of the California groups. Now, for the first time much of the existing data on the Esselen has been gathered into one place—this publication. The text is illustrated with hundreds of photographs of the Big Sur Country, designed to show the land in which the Esselen people lived for some 6,000 years. 

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