Our Year-end Request

Dear Members & Friends,

On December 22, 1933, a small group of old timers gathered together and founded an institution, the Monterey County Historical Society, that would be responsible for preserving the history of a region that, without this foresight, would have been lost.

As we turn 87 years old, we reflect on the decades that have passed and those friends, like you, who have not only helped to keep the heartbeat of the institution alive, but also helped it move forward and progress.

Now, more than ever in our eight decades, we need your help.

As all of you are well aware, our world has changed tremendously since this time, last year. As with many other institutions, we have suffered severe income losses resulting from not being open to the public. We also were forced to cancel our major fundraiser—our annual BBQ. It was difficult to cancel this function for the first time since we started having it in 1972, but it simply couldn’t be helped. However, we have used this time wisely by completing our institutional policies and procedures, developing our institutional strategic plan, as well as reorganizing and rehousing our artifact collections.

As a non-profit organization, we rely on loyal donors like you to help us continue our work to develop our Boronda Adobe History Center. As a recipient of this letter, I know you care about the Monterey County Historical Society. Please consider sending a year-end donation to help us continue our important work!

The collection of documents and artifacts we hold in trust for the present generation will most certainly benefit future generations. It is indeed one of the finest of its kind on the West Coast.

  • This region was the headquarters for government throughout the Spanish Empire, Mexican Republic and the first Capitol of California.
  • Did you know we have the original documents dating back to the 1770s in our possession that evidences this fact?

Our archives are truly remarkable and continue to grow. This year alone, we have received 22 collections of artifacts, documents and photographs—all weaving the rich history of our County together. We preserve these collections in two climate controlled archival vaults which cost our organization nearly $12,000 this year to sustain.                       

In addition to our archives, we have several projects that your tax-deductible cash donation can be designated towards:

  • Restoration efforts to the William Weeks Victorian House
  • Operations/Building Maintenance Endowment
  • Library Design and Construction
  • Design & Constriction of an Agricultural Implement Barn
  • Collections Care
  • Contingency Funds for Unexpected Expenditures (For example, we recently had a major water pipe leak on our property—that cost us $4,000.)                                                                

Please don’t set this letter aside. I can’t stress enough how much your support will mean to us! Please feel free to contact me at 831-757-8085 if you have any questions. We are counting on you! 

On behalf of the Monterey County Historical Society Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers, my warmest wishes to you and your family during this holiday season and for 2021. No doubt, a bright future lays ahead for us all.

Robert Baillie
President, Monterey County Historical Society Board of Directors